U.S. Voters Don’t Blame Obama For Economy – WHAT?

WaPo/ABC Poll: U.S. voters don’t blame Obama for economy.

I just read this. It’s sad. Do most people have the attention span of a gnat?
Our Lying Liberal Congress caused our current problems and now trying to “fix” what they caused. Ha! They forced Lenders to make BAD loans!

Read a more in depth article here:

… Afraid To Pin The Blame Where It Belongs
Go from the 2nd paragraph to the end.
And there is much supporting evidence at other Blogs and Articles in Cyberspace.
Our Financial problems started with Bills passed in the Carter Administration, then these laws given “teeth” by the Clintons’ and further enhanced By a Liberal Congress during the Bush administration.

So our own Thieving Congress caused these Financial problems, then stole again from us with an ugly PORKULUS “stimulus’ Bill… and they keep passing more CRAP! And you Dear American Public are eating it up! Does Obama’s Sh** (Crap) sandwiches taste better than others?

Why do we keep rewarding these lowlifes with re-election?