TEA Parties, Village Idiots, Demo-Gogues and More 

Wall Street tea part

This is a great piece, go to PA Pundits to read it.

The media doth protest too much: … “[T]his is a party for Obama bashers. I have to say that this is not entirely representative of everybody in America…. I think you get the general tenor of this. It’s anti-government, anti-CNN, since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network, Fox.” –CNN’s Susan Roesgen ++ …

This week’s “Leftmedia Buster” Award: “A lot of news outlets mocked these protesters…. But, if a media outlet wants to expose its bias, they can mock tea parties, if they like. … I’m not going to mention names of people on networks that made sexual jokes, childish sexual jokes, about tens of thousands of Americans who went out and wanted to get involved in their government. I mean, it was really middle school jokes being made. I didn’t hear those jokes being made when people on the left protested over the past eight years.” –MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

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