Just received this email from one of our… 

Just received this email from one of our loyal readers:

From Coerece Me Not,
“I have become quite a fan of your blog site after finding it listed on Consent Withdrawn’s site which is also a great site. Anyway. I’d love if you would post this on PA Pundits. Thanks

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is engaging in fraudulent activities and when asked about the issue they responded with threats instead of a logical defense. That is what I got from reading the blog site Consent Withdrawn. The article brings to Pennsylvania driver’s attention that most of them are unwitting advertisers for the state web address which is displayed on the bottom of their license plates. The blogger claims that Pennsylvania drivers are due compensation for the advertising that are providing but he concluded that in essence they don’t because they subscribe to a situational ethic which states payment is based on the situation and not right or wrong. Consent Withdrawn states that we should all adopt that principle and that we can turn around and use it not to pay for our registration. I’m willing to give this a try but I still think DOT is committing fraud.”